“My dream is to move people through my music and put a smile on people’s faces.”

Emily is one of Australia’s up-and-coming musical artists. She is the lead singer of Vintage Season – an acoustic soul duo, a songwriter, and has collaborated with musical artists such as Darren Percival, Jonathan Zwartz, Hamish Stuart, Dale Willis and Francine Bell. Emily’s vocals have been described as “Pure” and “mesmerising”.

Brought up in Niue, a small Island country in the South Pacific, Emily could sing and harmonise before she could talk. Her Polynesian upbringing led to her passion for singing, as she grew up surrounded by a big musical family, traditional Niuean music and dancing. Moving to Australia at age ten, she entered a range of concerts and competitions where she would sing a Niuean song and dance the hula. This was the start of her performing life.

Throughout the years, Emily was exposed to a variety of artists and genres, and began to develop her love for rhythm and blues, soul and pop music. Her musical idols included Michael Jackson and Christina Aguilera.

Studying at Hunter School of Performing Arts in Newcastle, NSW, Emily’s talent began to really shine through. She scored solo performances in Starstruck the Hunter performing arts extravaganza in 2005 and 2006, sang for Newcastle’s Lord Mayor, was part of the Hunter Harvest music team, sang with Fusion Performing Arts, provided half-time entertainment at football games, and toured around Australia with Model for Life Entertainment.

After school, Emily continued her passion for singing, lending her vocals to an array of pub bands and other singing gigs. In 2010, Emily and her husband Jarel released their first studio album, Vintage Season, and began spreading their music up and down the east cost of Australia. In 2011, Emily and Jarel were lucky enough to support the Voice’s season one runner up Darren Percival at Lizotte’s Restaurants. Vintage Season is also very popular on the wedding circuit and can be found singing around NSW almost every weekend.